The warranty replacement process is often not as simple and rapid than many think. If the component was fault (or damaged), then (fist of all) the component should be send back to us, than a check is performed by the manufacturer.

Important! After the warranty period we could not take the responsibility for the repair.

The second step is to transmit the product towards the manufacturing company accompanied by a copy of the invoice. Attached by the accurate description of where the date of purchase and enclosed nature of the fault in detail. 

Note that the improper use of products does not cover damage resulting from the guarantee. 

The shattered, battered and cut parts and the damage caused by careless use Do not fit into the framework of a replacement under warranty! 

If the manufacturer of the product is judged positively, then we can perform a warranty exchange. IF WE HAVE IN STOCK, immediately it could be REPLACEMENT PIECES! However, if NO STOCK WE WILL BE unfortunately Wait until these products COMING! 

If a second fault occurs with the same warranty, the second replacements now only a 50% discount can be purchased. The second time does not replace the manufacturer, but guarantee a discount for the purchase price! 

Any modification, which includes a modified paint, removing identification marks, cutting bar, any kind in any causes WARRANTY LOSS! 

All of the above apply to products purchased from us! 

WARRANTY duration specified by the manufacturer but may vary by brand! WARRANTY PERIOD is by the Hungarian law, at least 6 months!