On our website in addition to the cash payment, the secure credit card payment facilities are also available provided by K & H Bank.

Technical details of the ordering process;

  • During the payment, our website provides only connection between the customer and the bank.
  • K & H Bank uses 128-bit SSL encryption for your data.
  • Following the purchase, an automatic system message informs you that the transaction was successful.
  • The transaction requires SSL support.
  • The amount of the transaction is deducted immediately.


SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer encryption method adopted. K & H Bank has a 128-bit encryption key to protect the communication channel. The company VeriSign enables K & H Bank to use the 128-bit key, which provides SSL-based encryption. Currently, 90% of the global e-commerce uses this encryption method. The browser used by the customer using SSL encrypts, what keeps all datas encrypted before sending. So they are delivered to K & H Bank in coded form, therefore, these information could not be understood by unauthorized persons.

Pay attention to the followings while paying with credit card online!

- Read the information carefully (GENERAL CONDITIONS OF DELIVERY AND PAYMENT) on our website!
- Study the safety conditions of the website!
- Keep a record of information relating to your purchase!
- Keep a record of the transaction data connected to your payment! (transaction ID, license number)

IMPORTANT! Ensure that an unauthorized person could never have access to your confidential card datas. Use a browser that supports the option what is needed for SSL encryption!

Accepted credit cards

K & H Bank's Internet payment system allows to use the following credit cards: MasterCard / Maestro, JCB, VISA and VISA Electron VISA product family ( in case of Electron only if authorized by the issuing bank ) and payment also possible by credit cards what suitable for using on the Internet.

In case of credit card payment, after a successful transaction - this means the verification after controlling card's validity and coverage - K & H Bank starts to debit the cardholder's account with the value of the goods or services.

If you click on the browser's "Back" or "Reload / Refresh" button or close the browser window before you could be redirected to the store, the payment will qualify as unsuccessful.

If you would like to be informed about the outcome of the transaction, or the reasons and details if it is unsuccessful, please contact your bank account management.

The payment process

  1. On the website, under payment menu please select the K & H credit card payment.

  2. You will then be redirected to the K & H Bank guaranteeing secure payment site, where you have to fill in the payment card details.

  3. Following the granting of credit card information, click the button to begin the payment in the transaction.