Every product released on the market by PiCar Ltd. has a warranty (guarantee) that corresponds to the existing laws and commercial regulations. The products available in our web shop and shop origin without exception from reliable partners and each of them are delivered in a new and original package (except for those that do not have the manufacturer package).

The extraordinary loading of sports equipment is typical of the branches of sport represented by our company, so manufacturers and our company does everything to prevent possible failures. Every product bought from us is delivered/handed over in a prepared and checked state and we help secure installation, usage and maintenance by providing detailed assembling, handling and maintenance instructions. Furthermore, the experts in our service are available personally, through e-mail or on phone at our customer service during opening hours.

Every product bought from us has an implied warranty of one year; subject to the customer owns the bill or receipt of the purchase. Implied warranty is valid only for those damages that originated from production. There is a one year warranty besides the implied warranty for products that cost more than HUF 10,000, subject to the customer owns the bill or receipt of the purchase. During the warranty and the implied warranty period PiCar Ltd. tests the products in every case in six months from the purchase to all customer claims. After six months (in the case of implied warranty between six months and one year, in case of warranty between six months and two years), testing is the duty of the customer. Exceptional are those products that have a label of LIFETIME WARRANTY; since these are guaranteed a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer for the faults originated during production. In connection with these products, it is also the customers’ duty after six months to prove that malfunction is the result of faults originated during production.

Please return your product to the service of PiCar Ltd. in order to enforce your claim of warranty. Bring the documents that were given to you on buying (bill, receipt); these are needed to start the testing process.

Service: 29 Dembinszky Street, 1071 Budapest
Opening hours: Mondays to Saturdays 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

If you cannot return the product personally, please send it to the following address:
Postal address: PiCar Ltd. 38/b Ágnes Street, 1121 Budapest (The customer has to care for the shipment in both directions.)

A record is made of the complaint, in compliance with the NGM Decree No. 19 of 2014 (IV.29.) about managing guarantee and warranty claims regarding sold things within the scope of the agreement between the consumer and the enterprise.

Following handing over, the product will be tested, the time of which is (max.) 5 working days. Then our colleagues will inform you about the result of the test on phone or via e-mail. The cost of the test of the products distributed by PiCar Ltd. is free of charge. If the product was damaged during the warranty period because of a fault originated during production, the consumer can in the first place ask for repair or change if the chosen option is possible, or claim a discount in the second place.

The warranty period lengthens with the time of the service except when no fault is found on the product.

Warranty is not valid in those cases when the product is not used as its intended purpose, not placed in service according to the assembling instructions or not maintained according to the operating and maintenance instructions. For the sake of this, we reserve the right to control the fulfilment of the warranty conditions and to conduct the inspections needed.

We warn our customers that the implied warranty and the warranty do not apply to damages from the following cases:

- incorrect installation (except when the installation was made by the distributor or its representative and if the incorrect installation can be traced back to the fault of the assembling instruction)

- if the recommended and needed checks were not conducted in a proper service

- if the malfunction was caused by not intended use, by ignoring the terms of the operating and maintenance instruction, by crash, accident or damage

- the product was used in contests or professionally

- the use of non-appropriate parts, accessories or additional equipment caused damage

- non-appropriate grease was used

- the product was repaired unprofessionally

- the damage was caused by unprofessional storage or natural disaster

- the product’s serial number does not correspond to the number on the warranty

- malfunction was caused by neglecting the maintenance or using caring material with non-appropriate technology

- malfunction was caused after purchase, for some other reason