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General terms and conditions

General Contract Terms – Unicikli.hu online shop

URL: www.unicikli.hu, https://www.unicikli.hu

I. Service provider:

Company: PiCar Kft.

Registrated address: 1121 Budapest, Ágnes utca 38/b.

Site (for personal purchases): 1071 Budapest, Dembinszky utca 29.

Company registration number: 01-09-073118

Tax number: 10469679 2 43

Mailing address: 1121 Budapest, Ágnes utca 38/b.

Customer service: H-P 10:00-18:00, SZ 10:00-14:00

Email: info@unicikli.hu

Tel.: +(36) 30 53 91 377

Website features

Unicikli.hu shop deals with sport equipment, relevant parts, protective gear and clothes.

II. Agreeing the general contract terms

1. By registration and / or purchasing an item (or service), the user must agree the General Contract Terms (in the following: GCT). This should be signed by putting a mark in the square sign during the registration. By accepting the GCT, a contract is signed by the Service provider, and the user.

2. If the user decides not to accept the GCT, he / she can not order on the website. In this case, registration will not be complete, and ordering is not possible.

The contract

1. If the User places an order through the Webshop, and the Service provider verifies the order by sending an email, then a sales contract is signed by both parties. If the User does not receive the verifying email within the next 48 hours after placing the order, he / she is not obligated to buy the product he / she ordered.

2. The User accepts, that the sales contract signed by the order is valid under Hungarys rules.

3. The sales contract is in Hungarian, the Webshop keeps automatically in their electronival database. The User is able to see it after loging in to the Websop. The sales contract could be saved or printed by the User.

Item details

The User can check all the relevant information of the items on each products site.


The items price contains all Taxes. The price does not contain shipping expenses.

III. Shipping, personal purchase

When does the delivery happens?

Unicikli.hu use GLS service. The delivery may arrive on weekdays, between 8 AM and 4 PM. The User recieves an email from Unicikli.hu when the ordered items had been sent.

How do I get more information about the order?

Unicikli.hu sends an email to the user when the order is ready. After the delivery begins, the User may find more information about the delivery at the Order Status menu point.


If the delivery can not be handled, the courier will leave a note about the package. If the delivery fails twice, the package turns back to Unicikli.hu


The expense of a failed delivery will be transmitted to the Users next order.

Unicikli.hu licenced delivery system:

GLS General Logistics Systems Hungary Csomag-Logisztikai Kft.
2351 Alsónémedi, GLS Európa u. 2.
Company registration number: 13-09-111755
Tax number: 12369410-2-44
Com. tax numbe: HU12369410

When the delivery arrives (or when a personal purchase is done), the User must verify the packages condition. If any damage is noticed, it must be officially registrated.

IV. Paying methods

1. Personal Purchase: cash or bank card

2. Cash on delivery: cash

At the option of cash on delivery, the User pays for the courier. Unicikli.hu only ensures cash on delivery option for orders in the range of Hungary and Romania.

3. Bank transfer (transfering in advance)

Acceptable currencies: HUF, EUR, RON

When an order is placed, Unicikli.hu sends a proforma invoice to the email address added during the registration. The email contains the relevant data for bank transfer and the orders number (what has to be shown in the bank transfers ’note’). Operation time for bank transfers is one weekday.

Bank accounts:

Forint (HUF) account:
Kereskedelmi és Hitelbank, BIC (SWIFT) kód: OKHBHUHB
1020 0878 3151 0811 0000 0000
IBAN: HU96 1020 0878 3151 0811 0000 0000

Euro (EUR) account:
Kereskedelmi és Hitelbank, BIC (SWIFT) kód: OKHBHUHB
1040 1093 0001 4750 0000 0009
IBAN: HU63 1040 1093 0001 4750 0000 0009

Romanian lej (RON) account:
IBAN: RO79OTPV330000881225RO01

4. Credit card payment (Barion)

Online credit card payments are made through the Barion system. Bank card details are not passed to the merchant. The service provider Barion Payment Zrt. Is an institution supervised by the National Bank of Hungary, license number: H-EN-I-1064 / 2013

Transport type

Place of pickup

Delivery time

Order value (Ft)

Gross price (Ft)

Personal pickup

1071, Budapest Dembinszky street 29.

1 óra


0 Ft

GLS Courier Service (Hungary)

registered address

2 - 6 workdays

0 Ft - 20 000 Ft

20 000 Ft -

990 Ft

0 Ft

GLS Express (Hungary)

registered address

1 - 2 workdays

Every order

1 490 Ft

GLS ParcelShops

Chosen predefined address

2 - 6 workdays

0 Ft - 20 000 Ft

20 000 Ft -

990 Ft

0 Ft

GLS Courier Service (Romania)

registered address

2 - 4 workdays

0 - 3 000 Ft

3 000 - 24 500 Ft

24 500 Ft -

2 800 Ft

1 400 Ft

0 Ft

GLS Courier Service (Slovakia)

registered address

1 - 3 workdays

0 - 3 000 Ft

3 000 - 26 400 Ft

26 400 Ft -

3 000 Ft

1 500 Ft

0 Ft

Zone 1. (GLS)

Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia

2 - 4 workdays

0 - 3 000 Ft

3 000 - 26 400 Ft

26 400 Ft -

3 000 Ft

1 500 Ft

0 Ft

Zone 2. (GLS)

Belgium, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Poland,

3 - 5 workdays

0 - 26 400 Ft

26 400 Ft -

2 500 Ft

0 Ft

Zone 3. (GLS)

Denmark, France, Monaco, Italy

3 - 5 workdays

0 - 26 400 Ft

26 400 Ft -

3 500 Ft

0 Ft

Zone 4. (GLS)

Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece,
Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Spain, Sweden

4 - 7 workdays

0 - 26 400 Ft

26 400 Ft -

4 000 Ft

0 Ft

Zone 5. (GLS)

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia,
Iceland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine

4 - 7 workdays

0 - 26 400 Ft

26 400 Ft -

10 000 Ft

0 Ft


Claiming warranty

1. Personal registration

The Customer can claim warranty at the Unicikli.hu shop:

1071 Budapest, Dembinszky utca 29.

Opening hours: H-P 10:00-18:00, SZ 10:00-14:00

The Service provider provides a report, registers the following:

- Customers name, address

- Item details (name, type, gross price)

- Date of purchase

- Date of the claim, purpose of claim

- Customers purpose

- Solutions

If the solution Unicikli.hu provides does not meet the customers purposes, the justification is detailed in the report.

A copy of the report may be given to the Customer.

2. Written registration

The Customer may claim warranty by sending a mail to the Service provider:

PiCar Kft, 1121 Budapest, Ágnes utca 38/b

or sending an email to:


The mail must contain:

- Customers name, address

- Item details (name, type, gross price)

- Date of purchase

- Date of the claim, purpose of claim

- Customers purpose


Right of withdrawal

The 17/1999. II (5) Government Regulation of the customer to withdraw his purchase of eight working days from receipt. Upon receipt of the acceptance-store cash register receipt the date of issue or the date of delivery.

The refund does not apply to shipping costs.

The purchase price of the products only in the intact condition of the bill, or a copy fee will be refunded within 30 days. In case of withdrawal, if the goods are damaged due to improper use of the Picard Ltd. may demand damages.

The withdrawal right is not exercised in a sale of goods for the consumer to the person bound, or the consumers disposition or at the express request have been produced (such as photo books), or which by their nature can not be returned, and if the packaging is the customer canceled.

Privacy Policy


Picar Ltd, as an online store (hereinafter referred to as Webshop) and as the operator hereby declares that during the operation of the webshop – as a controller too - respects the fundamental rights and freedoms of the customer - in particular the right to privacy, and during Automatic Processing of Personal Data, our webshop is acting in accordance with the provisions of Law CXII of 2011.

According to the 2011 Law CXII. pharagraph § 15 (1), we would like to inform our customers about the belows:


1. The data managed by the Data Manager

1.1. During registration, the customer gives us such datas which defined as personal data according to the Law CXII. of 2011 paragraph 3, point 2.

To give these information is voluntary.

According to the referred law all the data what can be related to the concerned person, are constituted as a personal data - especially the names involved, identification, as well as the characteristics of one or more physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity - and the conclusion also what can be drawn from the data.

1.2. To the website operation, external organization or ( processor ) is not used.

1.3. According to the Law CXII. of 2011 paragraph 3, point 3, during registration, we do not ask for specific information.

1.4. Under the provisions Law CVIII. of 2001  Paragraph 13/A. concerning to electronic commerce,  and some aspects of information society services:

(1) The service provider could manage the datas in order to create a contract for the provision of information society services, determination or modification of content, monitor the performance, invoicing the fees what billed, and to manage the necessary and sufficient identification of the recipient to identify the reason of their claims.

(2) The service provider could handle personal datas relating to the use of an information society service, in order to invoice charges arising under the contract for the provision of information society services. These are indispensable for determination of fee for billing purposes especially in the time of service usage and data concerning the duration and location.

(3) The service provider – in addition to paragraph (2) – could handle the personal information for the purpose of providing services which are indispensable for the technical services.
The service provider should choose and operate in all cases instruments used in the provision of information society services, in order to handle personal datas only when if it is really necessary to deliver the services, fulfill other objectives set out in the law, but only with the necessary extension and time required.

(4) The service provider could only handle datas related to the service for different purposes than specified in intention (3) ( e.g.: especially increase the effectiveness of particular services, addressed to the recipients of electronic advertising, for market research) preliminary determination of objective data management and the contribution of the recipients are also needed.

(5) Before using an information society service and also during the usage of the service the prohibition of data management need to be ensured for the recipient according to paragraph (4).

(6) Datas defined in paragraph (4) could not be linked with the identity of the recipient, and without the the recipient's contribution, it could not be provided to a third person.

(7) Datas defined in paragraph (1-3) have to be cancelled after the lack of agreement, termination of the contract, and after invoicing.

(8)  The provision of an information society service shall not be depend on the recipient's contribution on the data management  - on any of the non-mentioned goals in paragraphs (1-3) - ,  if the given service could not be available from other company.

(9) In addition to the information set out in a separate law, the service provider must ensure that before and during the use of the recipient strain in the information society service at any time get to know. Which taxes are used by the service provider for which purposes, including those datas what are not directly linked to the customers.


2. The purpose of the data management

2.1. Data recorded during the registration process is stored and used only to fulfill contractual duties.

2.2. Datas will not be available for third parties, unless to fulfill the contractual duties (e.g.:. delivery, payment) a subcontractor needs to be involved. In this case, you are acknowledging our privacy policy, that we are providing the datas (shipping name, address, phone number, e-mail address ) needed for fulfilling the performance of contractual duties for our subcontractors.

2.3. The subcontractor who is managing the delivery in all cases bounded by the conditions laid down in the contract. Your datas may be used only to fulfill contractual duties, keeping for later use, or pass it to a third party is not entitled to any form.

2.4. The datas of our subcontractors are shown in all cases under menu - SHIPPING, and PAYMENT INFORMATION on our website.


3. The legal basis for data management

3.1. The legislative basis for the data management are the provisions of Law CVIII. of 2001. - related questions about information society services, and Law CXIX. of 1995. - treatment of name and address data for the purpose of research and direct marketing.

3.2. Considering Law CXII. Paragraph 5.1 of 2011. by registering, you contribute to treat your data in order to fulfill our contractual duties.


4. Data availability, modification, cancellation

4.1. As a registered user - with your password and user name - you can always enter and place valid order, and you have the possibility to modify or cancel you datas as well.

4.2. You can modify your datas - what given during the registration - by sending an e-mail.

4.3. The amendments and the deletion of data is carried out within one business day of receipt.


5. Privacy registration ID

5.1. We announced the management of the above data – as a data controller – to the Data Protection Register leaded by Hungary's National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.
Privacy registration identification number submitted to us:……………………………………………… - registration process is ongoing.


6. Information

6.1. If you have a question for which there was no response under Privacy Policy menu on our website, please send an email to our customer service address.

6.2. Rights and remedies relating to data management are disposed by the law CXII. of 2011. about information on the right to self-determination and freedom of information.